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16 August 2022

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In Pictures: Hilsa trade at Chandpur

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Published: 21:53, 26 September 2021   Update: 00:16, 27 September 2021
In Pictures: Hilsa trade at Chandpur

A basket full of silver Hilsa. Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh

Hilsa harvesting season is going on. Every day trawlers loaded with hilsa are crowding at the fishing ground in Chandpur. This wholesale fish market has been buzzing with buyers and sellers for almost 24 hours. From here the silver hilsa of Padma is go to different parts of the country and abroad.

Our photographer took these photos from Chandpur ghat.

Vendors sell Hilsa fish at a fish landing station in Chandpur district.

Mad rush at a Fishery ghat in Chadpur

A man throws crushed ice in a basket while unloading fishes from a pickup van

A fisherman unloads his Hilsa catch from a trawler storage

Workers are busy unloading fish from fish trawlers

A fisherman is showing a large size of Hilsa

A basket full of silver Hilsa

Fishermen return from river with trawler filled with Hilsa fish.