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16 August 2022

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In Pictures: Tireless brick workers

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Published: 23:14, 15 September 2021   Update: 00:15, 16 September 2021
In Pictures: Tireless brick workers

A child worker stacking bricks on his head. Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh

Workers are busy breaking bricks into pieces. They start working at daybreak and continue their hard work till sunset. Abot 100,000 labourers work at brick fields around Dhaka.

The photos were taken from a brick field in Mollabazar area of ​​Konda Union in Dhaka's South Keraniganj by senior photo correspondent Md Habibur Rahman.

Brick factory workers stack bricks

A group of brick field workers shifting bricks by boat

Men, women and children of all ages labourers working in the brickkiln

A female worker is taking her token as at the end of the week, the tokens are counted and their salary is paid accordingly

Workers carry stacks of bricks on their heads

Workers balance bricks on top of their heads

A child worker stacking bricks on his head