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28 September 2022

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Colocity brings Microsoft’s hybrid cloud service in Bangladesh

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Published: 18:21, 15 August 2022   Update: 18:24, 15 August 2022
Colocity brings Microsoft’s hybrid cloud service in Bangladesh

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Dell Technologies and Microsoft's cloud service partner Colocity Limited have brought Microsoft Azure stack hub hybrid cloud "Colcity.Cloud" to Bangladesh for the first time.

This service will help the country's businesses to digitally transform at the speed they need, claims a press release from Colocity Limited.

The company's hybrid cloud is addressing business concerns of storing data at the local level. The company is providing the necessary solutions for the assurance of compliance, reliability and security of the data.

According to the Vision of Digital Bangladesh, the government has prepared a plan to integrate digital technology to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

In this case, cloud technology, especially public cloud technology, can accelerate the process of digital transformation around the world.

In this regard, Emaad Ispahani, managing director of Colocity Limited, said that many companies in the country are not ready to move from traditional institutional infrastructure to the public cloud.

Organisation owners want complete control of their data and prefer to keep the data close for this.

In addition, according to the law of the country, some information, including financial sector information, has to be kept within the country.

Therefore, cloud capabilities can create great opportunities for businesses in the country. Of these, many organisations are using the colocation service of Colocity.

He also said that a lot of SAP and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is being used in the country recently.

Infrastructure for ERPs are extremely expensive. Hybrid cloud can solve this problem.

Keeping in mind the security issue, Microsoft's Azure Stack Hub can be trusted.

He said Colocity Limited is the first Tier-3 quality commercial data centre in Bangladesh which is first time in the country.

Hybrid Cloud provides capabilities to meet the requirements of local businesses and complies with all industrial policies.

Emaad also added that Colocity offers services that provide the highest level of security and reliability. Colocity is the country's first hybrid cloud service provider.

“We are also committed to providing the necessary services to the customer. With this, local businesses are able to increase productivity by protecting data at an affordable cost”, he said.

In this regard, the Head of Sales and Marketing of Colocity. Al-Fuad said, "With the development of technology, we are able to hand over the Microsoft Azure Stack Hub to the customers, which will make their business more dynamic.

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