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08 December 2021

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Google Search for mobile gets continuous scrolling feature

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Published: 21:35, 16 October 2021  
Google Search for mobile gets continuous scrolling feature

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Google Search is refreshing its UI with a new feature that will make scrolling easier than before on mobiles.

The new feature enables users to continuously scroll results while using Google Search. The software giant has already started rolling out the continuous scrolling feature for both iOS and Android phone users in the US, reports The Indian Express on Saturday.

The company announced the launch of the feature via a blog post. The update is meant for Google Search on mobile and will automatically display more results when users scroll to the bottom of a results page.

This will in turn eliminate the need to tap on a button, to get more results while browsing through a set of Google Search results on mobile.

The update is set to make browsing search results more seamless on mobile devices, as per Google.

While browsing when users reach the bottom of a search results page, the next set of results will load automatically with relevant details.

In other news, Google recently introduced a guitar tuner right within Google Search, which was first spotted by Android Police.

The feature can be accessed on almost any device. Users can access the guitar tuner, by simply doing a query in Search on mobile or desktop.