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17 January 2022

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Infinix Note 11 Pro extends RAM for smooth experience

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Published: 17:02, 6 December 2021  
Infinix Note 11 Pro extends RAM for smooth experience

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Infinix’s, an emerging smartphone brand, released its latest smartphone NOTE 11 Pro which features of extended RAM technology.

It allows the phone's RAM to be boosted by 3GB in a single click - from 8GB to 11BG, said a press release.

Extended RAM technology means that a part of the ROM will be used to work as RAM when the RAM is not sufficient to ensure smooth performance. Users can simply open it in the settings under –‘Storage’-‘MemFusion’.

With the extended RAM technology-enabled, the number of apps that the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro can run simultaneously is increased from 9 to 20.

With the same 20 apps running, the average startup speed of applications can be increased by 60% to about 300ms in the Note 11 Pro, the release added.

The phone can load games faster and ensure that users can get into games quickly even if they switch among multiple apps.

To achieve the best experience, Infinix adopts several innovations in extended RAM.

For example, it adopts "dual swap partition technology" and "hot and cold pages identification algorithm" in the swapping algorithm, which marks hot and cold according to the memory page activity level and stores them in different swap partitions to reduce the erasure of storage devices.

Moreover, compared to general memory fusion solutions, it reduces the read back rate and improves the responsiveness of commonly used apps, it said.

Moreover, Infinix integrates an AI prediction algorithm, which predicts background apps that will not be used for a period of time, based on users’ regulations and saves them to the extended memory, greatly improving the probability of hot launch of apps.

Besides, Infinix NOTE 11 Pro features a more advanced UFS 2.2 flash memory, which uses write booster technology, providing faster storage speeds than traditional UFS 2.1, including an 8% increase in random write speed, 35% in random read speed, and 80% in sequential write speed, it reads.

Physical memory in Android phones has climbed from 1GB to 8GB in the past decade, and there are several flagship phones with 10GB or more.

In contrast, Infinix adopts its own extended RAM technology on the basis of the increased physical memory, bringing users a more stable and smooth multi-application running experience through technology upgrades for the same attainable price, the release reads.