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28 September 2021

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Leather workers are busy

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Published: 17:52, 22 July 2021   Update: 17:54, 22 July 2021
Leather workers are busy

Workers are processing the raw animal skin by sprinkling salt on them. Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh

Leather warehouses in old Dhaka's Lalbagh have become bustling because of Eid-ul-Azha. Leather workers are busy on the second day of Eid-ul-Adha, processing rawhides. They are collecting animal skin and processing those with salt. These rawhides will be sent to tanneries later. These are the raw materials from which we all getting leather products, such as, shoe, sandle shoe, bags, jackets, and wallets, etc. Today, on Thursday, Business Insider Bangladesh photographers took some pictures from the Posta area of Old Dhaka.

Wholesalers are buying raw hide from traders and taking it to warehouses

A worker removing horns and ears of from rawhide came from sacrificial animals

Workers are processing the raw animal skin by sprinkling salt on them

A worker takes horns and ears from the skin of a sacrificial animal

Leather traders and workers are not wearing masks amid Covid-19 pandemic

Workers are piling up salts to be sprinkled on the raw hide as part of skin processing