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28 October 2021

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DU sees brief skirmish as libraries reopen

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Published: 23:54, 26 September 2021   Update: 00:11, 27 September 2021
DU sees brief skirmish as libraries reopen

Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh

The Dhaka University on Sunday reopened its library after about an 18-month Covid-induced closure amid a heavy rush of students, some of them trying to force their entry defying health guidelines and causing short-lived agitation.
Tension erupted after assistant proctor Liton Kumar Saha allegedly attempted to slap a student who tried to enter the science library building forcefully, witnesses said.
Angered by Liton's behaviour students mobbed him demanding an explanation from him.
The students also harassed two campus reporters and forced them to delete the photos and videos they shot.
Salman Hossain, a master’s student of the university said, "We stood in line to enter the library. There were huge crowd. Some of them tried to enter the science library forcefully."

The situation turned hostile when the assistant proctor came and attempted to slap one of our peers
DU Proctor Prof Dr AKM Golam Rabbani, Chief Librarian Nasiruddin Munshi; and General Secretary of Teachers Association Nizamul Haque Bhuiyan rushed to the scene and calmed down the students.
Liton said the officials only tried to discipline the students as there was a heavy rush with many trying to force their way into the library building.Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh
Proctor Golam Rabbani said, "Students have been asked to follow health rules for their own safety. Former students are not allowed to enter the library. It's only for regular students.
We look forward to working with students to keep peace," he said, adding that, "Teachers serve as guardians for students. Teachers have the authority to instruct and guide their students. This is something students should consider."
The library opened only for honours fourth year and masters students, according to university authorities. The residential halls will open on October 5.
The earlier instruction for the students to carry their Covid-19 vaccination certificates could not be followed because of the chaos, on-duty teachers said.

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