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09 August 2022

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Motorcycles barred from plying Padma Bridge

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Published: 22:04, 26 June 2022   Update: 22:25, 26 June 2022
Motorcycles barred from plying Padma Bridge

A motorcyclist going through Padma Bridge toll plaza on Sunday. Photo: Business Insider Bangladesh

The Bridge Division under the Ministry of Road, Transport and Bridges has banned the operation of motorcycles on Padma Bridge from 6am tomorrow (June 27, 2022) until further notice.

The ban will come into force from 6:00am Monday, according to a circular.

Following the opening of the bridge for traffic on Sunday, thousands of enthusiastic people, especially motorcyclists thronged the site, causing long queues at the toll plaza.

Meanwhile, a youth was arrested on Sunday for allegedly removing nuts and bolts from the railing of Padma Bridge.

Following the incident, the Bridge Division imposed restrictions on the movement of curious people on Padma Bridge saying that some curious people are allegedly descending the bridge from motor vehicles and stealing these valuable goods and equipment.

In this regard, the bridge authorities have requested the Bangladesh Army personnel who are maintaining the bridge’s security, to take necessary steps so that people cannot get down on the bridge from any vehicle.

As a result, many were trying to enter the area from outside and taking selfies by stopping cars and motorcycles, taking pictures while lying down, trying to climb the railing. On the other hand, risk of accidents is increasing, it added.

Later, the enthusiastic people gathered at the bridge site were allowed to walk along the bridge of their long-cherished dream for the first as well as the last time, since the structure is prohibited for the walking people beyond the viaduct point due to security reasons.