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18 May 2021

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SS Foundation demands amendment of Tobacco Control Act

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Published: 17:42, 26 January 2021  
SS Foundation demands amendment of Tobacco Control Act

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The Shastho Shurokkha Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, on Tuesday demanded the amendment of the Tobacco Control Act.

Chairman of Shastho Shurokkha Foundation Prof Dr Md Habibe Millat, MP, demanded that higher taxes be imposed on tobacco products, reads a press statement. 

“The prime minister has declared Bangladesh to make tobacco-free within 2040. To implement this, we need to amend the existing law. We also need to impose higher taxes on tobacco products to keep our young generation away from it,” he said.

Shastho Surokkha Foundation has proposed six charters according to WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which it said should be e incorporated in the amendment. 

Those are, 100% smoke-free environment must be ensured by banning smoking in all public places, including the abolition of smoking zones. 

Displaying of tobacco products should be prohibited at the place of sale, all kinds of CSR programmes of tobacco companies should be banned, sale of single sticks and unpackaged smokeless tobacco should also be banned, a ban on sale and import of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, and stricter rules on packaging — including increases to the size of health warnings.

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2017, Almost 38 million people in Bangladesh use tobacco products. 

Bangladesh ranks 8th among the top 10 countries in the world in tobacco production. Due to this, non-communicable diseases like stroke, cancer, and heart attacks are booming in this country every year. 

The Tobacco Atlas 2020 says that only because of tobacco-related diseases, almost 1.61 lakh people are dying every year.

Shastho Shurokkha Foundation is a National NGO that works on public health issues in Bangladesh. 

This organization is campaigning to build a Tobacco-Free Bangladesh.