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17 October 2021

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What a catch! Goalanda fisherman earns Tk 25,000 with one Catla

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Published: 14:39, 18 September 2021  
What a catch! Goalanda fisherman earns Tk 25,000 with one Catla

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Gurudev Haldar, a local fisherman, caught an 18.2-kg Catla fish from the Padma River at Char Karneshna in Goalanda upazila early Saturday to change his fortune.
Talking to local newsmen, the lucky fisherman of Pabna Kajirhat said he along with his associates went out on a predawn fishing mission in the river.
At one stage, Gurudev and his men netted the giant Catla or local carp, and later sold it in an auction, fetching a huge amount.
Mohammad Chandu Mollah, a local fish trader, bought the fish at Tk 25,400 -- Tk 1,400 per kg - in the auction at a local fish market adjacent to Daulatdia Ghat in the morning. Now Chandu expects to sell it at Tk 1,500 per kg.
About the river condition and availability of fish, Chandu said, "The river water has started receding with the weakening of monsoon, and many fish like Catla, Rui, Boal, Pangas are now found in abundance. Fishermen from Manikganj and Pabna districts are having a good time with amazing catches," he said.
Mohamamd Rezaul Sharif, a fisheries official of Goalanda, said huge fish are expected to be netted now as Padma water keeps receding.

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