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27 May 2022

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Eggs, green papaya, onion become dearer

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Published: 12:28, 13 May 2022  
Eggs, green papaya, onion become dearer

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It is expected that prices of imported goods will be costlier because of higher commodity prices and freight costs in the international markets and depreciation of the local currency. But what is wrong with the locally-produced goods?

This was the question of an executive of a private company. He was dumbfounded seeing that a kilogram of green papaya is being charged Tk 80 and a dozen of eggs Tk 120. Onion price has also increased by Tk 10 per kg in a week.

Egg, the only low-cost source of protein for low-income people, became expensive in a few days as retailers are selling the farm red egg at Tk 120 per dozen, up by 4 percent on an average from a week ago, according to the data of Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

The TCB in its price chart showed that every four pieces of eggs were being sold at 37 to Tk 42 as of Thursday while it was sold at Tk 33 to Tk 36 a week ago in Dhaka city.

Consumers, who are struggling to make ends meet following the recent price surge of all food items, are now being forced to spend more on eggs but suddenly its price went up.

Egg producers have blamed increased production costs as they have to buy feed ingredients, chiefly soybean meal and corn at a higher cost. According to the producers, increased transport cost is shown as another cause for the price hike of the protein item.

In addition, the prices of all food products, including onion, potato, lentils, sugar, flour, and powdered milk, also increased when the consumers have been hitting hard due to the eye-watering price of edible oil.

Belal Hossain, a wholesaler at Kawran Bazar, said that there is no short supply of eggs but their price is increasing.

Biplab Kumar, a private car driver, said his four-member family has become dependent on eggs for protein but it is also going beyond his reach.