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17 October 2021

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Prices of essentials rise in city kitchen markets

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Published: 19:21, 25 September 2021   Update: 19:37, 25 September 2021
Prices of essentials rise in city kitchen markets

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The prices of essential commodities increased in a span of a week in the city’s kitchen markets that could not be substantiated properly by the traders.

The prices of almost all vegetables, green peppers and broiler chickens rose once again.

The price of broiler chicken increased by Tk 5 per kg while Pakistani cock or golden chicken by Tk 20.

The price of green chilli rose by Tk 50 for a kilogram while prices of various vegetables increased by Tk 5 to Tk 10, per kg, respectively.

Business Insider Bangladesh got to learn about the price hike by visiting some of the capital’s kitchen markets at Karwan Bazar, Jigatala and Mohammadpur Krishi Market, on Saturday.

Traders said, the prices of vegetables got a little high in the middle of changing seasons. Also deteriorating floods in some districts caused vegetable prices to go up, they said.

Meanwhile, the price of chicken is increasing every day. Small poultry farms were forced to wrap up businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic as prices of feed rose but the demand nosedived.

On Saturday, one kilogram of broiler chicken was selling at Tk 155 to Tk 165, which was Tk 140 to Tk 145 last week. And, golden chicken was selling at Tk 310 to Tk 330 per kg, which was Tk 270 to Tk 280 last week. However, earlier this month, broiler chicken was selling at Tk 120 to Tk 130 and golden chicken at Tk 220 to Tk 240, respectively.

“The price of chicken feed increased abnormally. A sack of 25-kg of feed was selling at Tk 500. This is why the prices of chicken are going up every day,” said Shahid Mia, the owner of Mayer Doa Poultry Farm at Kawran Bazar.

“During the lockdown, many small poultry farms in different parts of the country have been closed. The supply of chicken fell amid its increased demand in the market as restaurants, fast food shops and community centers reopened,” said Abul Hashem, a chicken vendor at Jigatala kitchen Market.

Meanwhile, the green chilli price went up suddenly. One kg of green chilli is being sold at Tk 140 to Tk 150 which was Tk 80 to Tk 100, respectively, last week.

“The price of green chilli suddenly jumped in the market and we have to sell it at a higher price because we buy it at a higher price. Also, due to rain and floods, the harvest of green pepper has been damaged. That’s why the price of green chilli increased,” said Sujan of Kawran Bazar.

The prices of various vegetables also made upward adjustments by Tk 5 to Tk 10 per kg on an average from last week’s prices. Green beans are selling at Tk 60-70 per kg, bitter gourd (Karalla) at Tk 60-70, snake gourd (chichinga) at Tk 50-60, parwal (patol) at Tk 50-60, Okra at Tk 60-70 and yardlong beans (Barbati) at Tk 80-90 per kg, respectively.

“The season is changing, the prices of vegetables increased due to unpredicted flooding. Besides, it is the end of summer vegetables and winter vegetables are far away. Therefore, the prices are up,” said Alim Hossain, a vegetable vendor at Kawran Bazar.

Meanwhile, rice, lentils, oil, potatoes, onions and sugar are stable. In the retail market, Paijam rice is being sold at Tk 50 per kg, Atash (BR-28) at Tk 55 and Miniket at Tk 75, respectively. Homegrown small grain lentils are being sold at 110 Tk per kg while the big lentils of India are being sold at Tk 90 aqt Kawran Bazar.

Soybean oil is selling at Tk 149 per litre. A five-litre bottle of soybean oil is being sold at Tk 680 to Tk 700 depending on the company. However, bulk soybean oil or palm oil is being sold at Tk 145.

Potatoes are being sold at Tk 20 per kg and onions at Tk 45 per kg. Besides, bulk sugar is being sold at Tk 78 per kg and packaged sugar at Tk 80 and brown sugar at Tk 90 to Tk 95, respectively.

“The prices of all the products in the market are higher. We have limited income but the high prices make us uncomfortable. If it continues, we will suffer a lot,” said Imam Hossain, who came to buy vegetables at Kawran Bazar.

Shahid Ali, another shopper said, the prices of all essentials have increased and it is way too much for him. Now the chicken eggs, meat prices have also increased. Prices ran away. There should be monitoring by the government over the market, he said.


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