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21 March 2023

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Freed myself from toxic relationship: Pori Moni

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Published: 16:51, 31 December 2022  
Freed myself from toxic relationship: Pori Moni

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Dhallywood star Pori Moni hinted at separation from her husband, actor Sariful Razz, on her social media account shortly after midnight.

The post began with a New Year's greeting of "Happy 31st, everyone!" which afterwards hinted at a troubled marriage.

"Today I said adieu to Razz from my life and also freed myself from this toxic relationship. Nothing is more important than living a healthy life," wrote Pori.

Within minutes, the post went viral, with many celebrities and netizens urging Pori Moni to remain calm and take her time before making a final decision.

The actors first met while working on the movie "Gunin." Seven days after that, they tied the knot on October 17 last year.