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23 May 2022

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Ilias Kanchan to vie for president in film artistes’ association elections

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Published: 18:59, 10 January 2022  
Ilias Kanchan to vie for president in film artistes’ association elections

Ilias Kanchan at a press conference Photo: UNB

Popular film actor Ilias Kanchan is going to run for president in the upcoming election of Bangladesh Film Artistes' Association, said a press release on Monday.

The election will be held on January 28.

According to the press release, Ilias Kanchan will run for president while actress Nipun Akter will run for general secretary from the same panel.

Ilias said other members of the panel, including Nipun, offered to vie for the post of president. Considering the current situation in the industry, ''I agreed'', said the release.

He also said "if we win, we all work together and the industry will move forward", added the release.

"I have to make some plans to save our industry. First of all, we have to increase the number of films because without films, the halls cannot run. Taka one thousand crore is being given for the construction of cinema halls across the country, he added. "I want to revitalize the industry and I am moving forward with this".

He said the government has many initiatives about the film industry adding that the prime minister has taken many initiatives for the betterment of cinema. "I also want our industry to move forward with something good."

Ilias Kanchan-Nipun panel will collect nomination papers on January 11, read the release.