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09 December 2021

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Bongo Studios hosts workshop on content creation

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Published: 16:06, 24 November 2021  
Bongo Studios hosts workshop on content creation

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Bongo Studios, one of the largest Multi-Channel-Networks (MCN) in South Asia, recently arranged a workshop on various important topics such as YouTube Guidelines and Policies, Copyright, YouTube Updates and Bongo’s new Content Accelerator Program for all Bongo Studios’ channel partners.

The workshop was held recently at the Gulshan Club in the capital with a number of prominent faces from Bongo joining the event, said a press release on Tuesday.

The speakers included Karel Kuiperi, chief of Bongo Studios; Wasiul Islam Shujon, chief business officer; Mushfiqur Rahman, chief content officer; Ibrahim Mohammad, deputy head of Bongo Studios; Rafee Shabbir, deputy head of Bongo Studios; and Mamun Atik, head of business development.

The workshop started with a short introduction of Bongo Studios and how they are helping their clients grow their monetisation across multiple digital platforms.

The participants of the workshop were given a detailed idea of how YouTube is updating their features and how to maximise their own growth while keeping these changes in mind.

For example, how to utilise ‘YouTube Shorts’ and the importance of ‘2-Step Verification’ were discussed.

The speakers also discussed the importance of being compliant on YouTube focusing mainly on ‘Community Guidelines’, ‘Copyright’ and ‘Monetization Policies’.

Participants were given an idea on the upcoming business opportunities that they may avail from the services that they are receiving from Bongo Studios.

it covered opportunities to monetise on other platforms such as BongoBD OTT app, Facebook, etc. in addition to Sponsorship opportunities and the ability to access funding from the Bongo Content Accelerator Program.