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03 October 2023

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Startups, CMSMEs suffered most amid pandemic: Experts

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Published: 01:44, 8 December 2020  
Startups, CMSMEs suffered most amid pandemic: Experts

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The coronavirus outbreak has triggered a worldwide economic disruption, forcing micro, small, medium and large companies to find ways to survive where agility is an important factor.

Experts made the observation at an international e-seminar on "New supply chain agility in the post-Covid-19 economy: Opportunities for the start-ups and SMEs", organised by Entrepreneurial Economists Club, Dhaka School of Economics, on Saturday.

observed that start-ups and CSMEs have suffered the most in the pandemic due to a shortage of resources and in the absence of proper banking facilities, reads a press release.

As a central bank, Bangladesh Bank needs to be more effective when it comes to using the resources in the banking sector, and should not wok in favour of defaulters, they further said.

Dr Sardana Khan, lecturer of the School of Business and Law at CQ University, Australia, presented the keynote paper at the e-seminar, chaired by Prof Dr Muhammad Mahboob Ali, programme coordinator of Entrepreneurship.

Prof Bholanath Dutt, president of MTC global, India, was present at the seminar as the chief guest, while Dr Yashoda Durge, associate professor at GNVS Institute of Management in India’s Mumbai, and Dr Sujata (Panda) Khandai, professor of marketing at Amity University in India, were the special guests.