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04 February 2023

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Shipments for Rooppur plant and Bangabandhu Rail Bridge arrive at Mongla port

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Published: 21:01, 22 January 2023  
Shipments for Rooppur plant and Bangabandhu Rail Bridge arrive at Mongla port

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Three foreign ships,including a Russian flag carrier, importing machinery and goods for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and Bangabandhu Rail Bridge have arrived at Mongla port.

The unloading of the consignments from the ships has already started.

The Panama flag carrier, MV QI XIA, carrying goods weighing 3,352 metric tonnes for the Bangabandhu Rail Bridge, docked at the port’s jetty-7 on Sunday morning, the Mongla Port Authority said.

Another Panama flag carrier, LIBERTY HARVEST, carrying machinery weighing 4,716 metric tonnes for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, docked at the port’s jetty-7 at the same time.

The Russian flag carrier, MV KAMILLA, carrying goods weighing 3,633 metric tonnes for the power plant, docked at the port’s jetty-9 at noon.

Md Kamruzzaman, shipping agent for the Liberty Harvest, said it will take four days to unload the consignment for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

After unloading, the machinery from the ship will be taken by sea to Rooppur Power Plant, he added.

A total of 14,475 packages weighing 4,716 metric tons of power plant machinery were transported by this ship.

Sadhan Kumar Chakrabarty, local shipping agent of MV Kamilla, said that the ship transported a total of 5,506 packages of goods for the power plant.

Most of the goods for the country’s ongoing megaprojects are being imported through this port on a priority basis.

Modern methods of unloading goods, a skilled workforce, and reduced time all contributed to the port’s increased activity.


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