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03 October 2022

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Bangladesh seeks JICA’s support to improve power transmission system

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Published: 19:42, 21 September 2022  
Bangladesh seeks JICA’s support to improve power transmission system

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As the electricity transmission system of Bangladesh is not that modern, there remains a huge opportunity to work here and Dhaka seeks Tokyo’s assistance in this regard.

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Nasrul Hamid met JICA’s newly appointed Chief Representative Tomohide Ichiguchi on Wednesday, in Dhaka.

The junior minister said, “We want to build Power Management, an international quality training institute with the cooperation of JICA for the development of human resources. There are huge opportunities in the power distribution and transmission sector, too.”

During the meeting they discussed various issues relating to mutual interest. The State Minister welcomed the newly appointed chief representative of JICA in Bangladesh and said that JICA is one of the main development partners of the country.

JICA can also work to modernise gas and electricity transmission and distribution systems in the region. At this time, Nasrul requested JICA to study the method of load management based on demand and the source of required electrification.

The meeting also discussed integrated master plan, renewable energy, wind power, change in electricity consumption pattern, energy demand in local industries, modernization of power and energy sectors, land development at Maheshkhali island and constructing a gas pipeline there.

JICA’s newly appointed chief representative said, “Bangladesh is my old station. JICA’s speed will be with the development speed of Bangladesh. JICA will work for the development of Bangladesh Power Management Institute.”

JICA outgoing chief representative Yoho Hayakawa was present at this time, among others.


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