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09 December 2021

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Bangladesh to manufacture Covid vaccine next year: Salman F Rahman

Bond market will help recover country’s capital market, he says

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Published: 15:07, 23 November 2021   Update: 17:10, 23 November 2021
Bangladesh to manufacture Covid vaccine next year: Salman F Rahman

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Bangladesh will produce its own Coronavirus vaccine from next year, said Salman F Rahman, Private Industry and Investment Adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He was speaking as chief guest at Meet the Reporters programme organised by Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, on Tuesday.

He told journalists that Incepta Bangladesh and Chinese authorities were discussing local production of the vaccine through a joint venture initiative.

The production may take place as soon as the deal is reached between the two parties, he said.

In addition, Beximco, of which he is a founder, has begun producing the vaccine locally.

“Hopefully within the next four to six months, we too will be able to complete the vaccine production,” he said.

Salman Rahman said, “Even then we are talking to various international vaccine manufacturing companies. While Incepta and Beximco work privately, several other companies are working on vaccine production, too.”

The Prime Minister is also sincerely taking interest into the matter, Salman Rahman said.

Even though covid-19 has waned after vaccination, the country is not quite risk-free.

“Now, booster vaccination is being discussed,” he said.

The PM’s adviser said, “We are the first to import vaccines from India at the lowest price.”

“Another consignment of the Indian vaccine will be available in the next month. And, I hope that all the vaccines under the contract will be available by next year,” Salman Rahman said.

Asked about the rise in fuel prices, he said the prime minister herself spoke out about it.

When asked about the capital market, he said, “It goes without saying that there are no institutional investors in the capital market of our country.” About 70 per cent of the transactions that take place here come from retail or general investors.

He said, “The remaining 20 percent comes from institutional investors. But the picture of the capital market in the developed world is quite the opposite.”

He said Bangladesh’s capital market is equity based and that there is no bond market here.

“We are working to develop a bond market. The present (DSE) chairman and Securities and Exchange Commission are also sincere in this regard. It is hoped that if the bond market becomes popular, the capital market will recover.”