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16 July 2024

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Walton launches smart fridge with ’AI Doctor’ feature

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Published: 00:59, 10 June 2024  
Walton launches smart fridge with ’AI Doctor’ feature

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Walton, the country’s lone super-brand in the refrigerator sector, has launched a new artificial intelligence-based smart fridge with the 'AI Doctor' feature, developed by its Research and Innovation team.

This AI system can automatically analyze the performance of Walton Smart fridges, diagnose problems, and predict potential component failures.

The system attempts to self-help any issues it detects. If no improvement is observed, the ‘AI Doctor’ will notify the nearest service center with the customer's contact information.

The service center will then review the AI-generated root cause analysis, and a service expert will visit the customer to provide swift after-sales service.

Walton is the first in Bangladesh to introduce the ‘AI Doctor’ feature in IoT (Internet of Things) based smart fridges.

The feature was inaugurated during a programme held at the conference room of Walton Corporate Office in the capital on Sunday.

Attendees at the event included: Mohammad Rayhan, Managing Director of Walton Plaza, Nazrul Islam Sarker, Additional Managing Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries, Eva Rizwana Nilu, Deputy Managing Director, Md. Yousuf Ali, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Tahasinul Haque, Chief Business Officer of Walton Fridge, Anisur Rahman Mollick, Deputy CBO, Azmal Ferdous Bappi, Head of Walton Fridge R&I Center, Abdul Malek Sikder, Deputy Head of Walton Fridge R&I Centre.

While speaking at the event, Walton Fridge’s CBO Tahasinul Haque said, “Walton is committed to providing world-class products and the best after-sales service to our customers. Therefore, our research innovation team is conducting extensive research to introduce new innovative technologies and features in our fridges. With their tireless efforts, Walton has successfully introduced its own 'AI Doctor' feature in smart refrigerators for the first time in Bangladesh. Walton Smart Fridge customers will now receive faster after-sales service without needing to request it. Through the introduction of the AI Doctor feature, Bangladesh has reached new heights in manufacturing smart fridges with innovative features.”

Highlighting details of the ‘AI Doctor’ feature, Walton Fridge R&I Center Head Azmal Ferdous Bappi explained that the AI Doctor feature is an in-house invention by Walton's R&I team, who have worked for nearly two years to develop it.

When connected to WiFi, the AI Doctor feature analyzes data from various sensors. If it detects any slight deviation from set standards, it will automatically attempt to correct it. If it cannot, it will notify the nearest service center.

The customer care representative will then contact the customer to resolve the issue at home, ensuring necessary after-sales service before any noticeable abnormality occurs, he said.

Walton officials noted that customers already using Walton's IoT-based smart fridges will also benefit from the AI Doctor feature, which will automatically update once the fridges are connected to the internet.

Thousands of Walton smart fridge users are already enjoying the 'AI Doctor' facilities.

Walton is manufacturing and marketing five models of IoT-based smart fridges in the domestic market, with plans to release six new models this year.

Walton fridge customers are now enjoying a one-year replacement warranty, a 12-year warranty on the compressor, and five years of free after-sales service.

Customers are receiving swift and superior after-sales service from more than 80 ISO-certified service centers across the country.