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25 April 2024

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Walton launches country’s first 6-star energy rating AC

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Published: 01:06, 19 March 2024  
Walton launches country’s first 6-star energy rating AC

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Walton, the country’s lone tech giant, has recently launched BSTI's 6-star energy-rated certified split-type air conditioner in the domestic market.

In Bangladesh, only Walton brand AC has attained both BSTI's 6-Star and 5.5-Star energy rating certificates, establishing it as the most energy-efficient AC across South Asian countries, said a press release.

The Walton AC features a 5-inch TFT color display showcasing crucial information such as operational data, performance metrics, timing, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Enabled with an IoT smart control system, Walton AC allows remote control through smart apps, facilitating easy electricity bill calculations. Additionally, its smart diagnosis system enables the detection of any AC defects swiftly.

The customers are presented with the 'Nonstop Millionaire' offer, providing an opportunity to receive significant cashback in crores of taka upon purchasing Walton AC from any Walton Plaza, distributor outlet, or online sales platform 'E-plaza' nationwide during Walton's digital campaign Season-20, commencing from March 1 until further notice.

Additionally, under Walton's AC exchange offer, customers can avail themselves of up to Tk 23,000 discount on Walton's brand new split AC models by trading in their old or used ACs of any brand.

Tanvir Rahman, chief business officer of Walton AC, said, "Walton is dedicated to producing and promoting ACs of the highest standards, incorporating the largest array of features globally. In line with this commitment, Walton has introduced the country's inaugural BSTI 6-star energy-rated AC, offering customers in the market the most energy-efficient AC in South Asia. The price for this new AC model is set at Tk 65,000."

He added that customers can check the energy efficiency of Walton AC by contacting Walton's nearest sales point, service centre, or call centre at 16267.

Globally recognised eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant has been used in the compressor of Walton 6-star energy rating AC.

This AC is featured with smart control and turbo mode, frost clean, air plasma, 3-in-one converter and inverter technology.

Air plasma technology removes bacteria and viruses from the room air and makes the room clean and comfortable.

Turbo cool technology has a cooling performance of 40 percent immediately after starting the AC.

Walton AC's customers are getting a year replacement facility, a 10-year guarantee on the compressor, a 3-year warranty on spare parts and 1-year free after-sales service.

Walton provides swift after-sales service to AC customers through 82 service points across the country under the ISO Certified Service Management System along with 300 service partners.

The skilled and experienced engineers and technicians of Walton are providing free services to AC buyers every 100 days.