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With ’Face ID’, ’Fingerprint’ login bKash app is now more secure

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Published: 21:00, 4 December 2023   Update: 12:39, 5 December 2023
With ’Face ID’, ’Fingerprint’ login bKash app is now more secure

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bKash app has introduced biometric 'Face ID' and 'Fingerprint' login features to make users' daily transactions easier and safer.

Alongside, exciting new features - 'Group Send Money', 'Request Money', 'Savings Marketplace' and selecting 'Default Card' to use the 'Add money' service from VISA card to bKash - are also included in the new version of bKash app, said a press release.

Biometric 'Face ID' and 'Fingerprint' login

Users can now log in to the bKash app with more convenience and security using the biometric 'Face ID' or 'Fingerprint' feature instead of repeatedly using PIN. This not only bolsters the safety of the bKash app, but also relieves users of the worry of losing or forgetting the PIN.

To enable this feature, users need to tap on the biometric icon from the login screen or profile section of the bKash app. After reading the instructions, users should input their PIN to activate the biometric login. Once set, users can log in through biometric 'Face ID' or 'Fingerprint', previously set in the device, instead of PIN. If needed, users can stop this feature from the profile section of the app.

It should be noted that the feature only supports Class 3 biometric security classified handsets. It will automatically stop if users log in from a new device, change PIN, PIN get locked in the bKash platform or uninstall the bKash app from handsets.

In the above-mentioned cases, users need to restart this feature. Besides, for security purposes, the biometric login needs to be restarted after 365 days of enabling the service.

Group Send Money

With this feature, customers can send money to a group of people simultaneously. To send money, users need to click on the 'Group Send Money' icon from the home screen of the bKash app. Then they have to enter the numbers or names of the recipients to add to a group. Users should input a group name to create the group. After saving the group, an amount screen will pop up. Users need to input the amount and proceed with the PIN to complete the transaction.

Request Money

Now, when necessary, bKash users can send 'in-app requests' to other bKash users to send money. To send a request, users need to tap on the 'Request Money' icon from the app home screen. In case of requesting money, a customer can request Taka 100 to Taka 25,000 per day from a maximum of 10 users individually or through group requests.

Savings Marketplace

This feature enables bKash users to easily open new savings schemes and pay installments. Besides, automatic installment payments, users can now also pay missing installments of certain banks easily. Other services like savings plan details, notification on installment payment, list of missing installments, time of maturing and many other services are also available in this feature.

'Default Card' for VISA Card to bKash add money service

There is no need to enter card details every time while adding money from a VISA card to a bKash account. Users can now select their regularly used VISA card as 'Default Card' in the bKash app. To add a card as default, a user needs to tap on the 'Add Money' option from the home screen of the app and select 'VISA'.

Along with the new additions, the bKash app is enriched with unique features like Send Money, Mobile Recharge, Cash In, Cash Out, Merchant Payment, Add Money, Utility Bill Payment, Fee Payment of Educational and Other Institutions, e-Ticketing, Donation, Remittance, Insurance and Microfinance payment, Digital Nano Loan, Savings and many more. bKash has been constantly focusing on innovations to become a full-fledged digital lifestyle app.