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09 December 2021

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Fantasy Kingdom offers Mojar School day out

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Published: 19:38, 23 November 2021  
Fantasy Kingdom offers Mojar School day out

Fantasy Kingdom Photo: Courtesy


Odommo Foundation’s Mojar, in collaboration with Concord Group, is offering a day out in the park for children with 300 free tickets, free rides, transportation, and meals for all of them, said a press release.

Anup Kumar Sarker, executive director of Concord Entertainment, said, “Fantasy Kingdom is honored to collaborate with Mojar School in bringing this happy event to life.”

Fantasy kingdom planned a daylong visit for 150 students from Mojar School on November 13.

The following week, on November 20th, 150 more youngsters came to Fantasy Kingdom.

This was a joyous occasion for all of the youngsters, as well as Mojar School, said the press release. Leaving their sorrows behind, the children made the most of the day and had a great time, it added.