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15 June 2024

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Interest rates of banks may increase: Salman F Rahman

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Published: 18:15, 7 September 2023  
Interest rates of banks may increase: Salman F Rahman

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The interest rates of banks will see further hikes in the coming days, Salman F Rahman, Private Industry and Investment adviser to the Prime Minister, hinted on Thursday.

He also called upon the traders to be prepared to face the challenge of the additional interest rate.

Rahman gave a broad hint while briefing reporters at a press conference held at the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) conference room in Dhaka on Thursday.

The government had kept the bank interest rates under control for a long time but it will not be possible to do so in the future, Rahman categorically said during the press conference.

Claiming that the government is going through a challenge in collecting revenue as per its target, he said the government has reduced the TAX rate in the face of pressure from the businessmen but the expected goal is still elusive.

Therefore, the businessmen will have to pay taxes regularly to maintain continuity of the country’s progress and development, Rahman said.