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BRAC Bank sets example by recruiting transgender persons

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Published: 00:22, 4 October 2021   Update: 00:36, 4 October 2021
BRAC Bank sets example by recruiting transgender persons

Photo Illustration: BRAC Bank

BRAC Bank, in pursuit of diversity and social inclusion, has created employment opportunities for five transgender and nine physically challenged individuals.

They will be deployed in different divisions of the bank, based on their skills.

BRAC Bank, in a press statement issued on Sunday, said it has taken this initiative by responding to its conscience and inner calling as a responsible corporate citizen.

Selim RF Hussain, MD & CEO of BRAC Bank, said: “BRAC Bank believes that race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical challenges should not be any barrier for an individual to deliver their potentials. Our existing coworkers are already sensitized to welcome the new teammates with open arms in the BRAC Bank family. We believe our step would also create social awareness for adoption of transgender community into the mainstream.”

“Somebody has to take the first move to dispel the social stigma and ensure social justice as every human deserves. I also thank the educational institutions that provided academic learning opportunities to transgender and physically challenged people”, Hussain added.

As a part of the smooth on boarding process, the bank has already conducted special sensitizing sessions for its people about gender-related prejudices so that the new recruits receive a warm welcome and acceptance at their workplace.

Hussain also said: “As a values-based organisation, BRAC Bank believes in ‘leaving no one behind’. It respects and recognizes the importance of distinctive life journeys that extend beyond the paradigms of gender. Our work focuses on creating equitable processes and policies that allow us to create space for everyone to thrive.”

“It ushers in a new era of creating an inclusive society where no one will be judged by their gender or other needs but by their talent and potential. We believe many organizations would emulate this example in creating opportunities for everyone,” Hussain added.