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16 July 2024

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US provides grants to Bangladesh’s young journalists’ projects

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Published: 01:27, 24 June 2024  
US provides grants to Bangladesh’s young journalists’ projects

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The US Embassy in Dhaka has announced $18,430 as a grant for four pioneering projects, developed by journalism students and young journalists, to advance media literacy and combat misinformation in Bangladesh.

The awarded four projects were selected from a TechCamp titled "Empowering Journalists, Ensuring Truth," that was held from February 6 to 8, a US embassy press release said on Sunday.

Fifty journalism students and young journalists across Bangladesh participated at the tech camp, organised under a collaborative effort between the US Embassy Dhaka, the Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC) Inc. and the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA) at the US Department of State.

These young journalists received specialized training from international experts on critical topics such as media literacy, fact-checking methodologies, cyber security and the integration of artificial intelligence in journalism.

US embassy's Public Affairs Counselor Stephen Ibelli, at an event today, commended the winners for their dedication to the objectives of TechCamp, emphasizing their pivotal role in promoting media literacy and countering misinformation.

He encouraged them to utilize their newfound skills to effect positive change within their communities.

The awarded projects included coastal voices, empowering media students to identify news sources and eliminating misinformation and disinformation, media literacy Beyond the Screen: bridging gaps, building minds and voice for voiceless."

Each project aims to address pressing issues within Bangladeshi society through innovative journalistic approaches.

This grant initiative underscored the US Embassy Dhaka's ongoing commitment to empowering young journalists and nurturing a culture rooted in truth and media literacy across Bangladesh.

It marked a significant milestone following the successful TechCamp, highlighting the potential of youth-led initiatives in shaping the future of journalism and information dissemination, added the press release.