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04 June 2023

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Ramadan to begin on Friday

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Published: 19:45, 22 March 2023   Update: 20:08, 22 March 2023
Ramadan to begin on Friday

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The Holy Ramadan, the lunar month of self-purification through fasting and abstinence, will begin in the country on Friday as the new moon was not sighted in Bangladesh sky this evening.

The National Moon Sighting Committee took the decision at a meeting held at Islamic Foundation’s Baitul Mukarram in Dhaka this afternoon as the new moon was not sighted in the country’s sky.

Besides, the offering of Taraweeh prayers will begin on Thursday night, according to the decision.

Muslims are meant to fast from dawn to dusk during the lunar month, a time of restraint and austerity.

Over the past few years, the government has imposed restrictions on attending Taraweeh prayers in mosques each during the holy month due to the outbreak of coronavirus across the country.

After ending the havoc of the coronavirus, the people are going to attend the Taraweeh prayers at mosques across the country with full enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Foundation in a circular has urged the mosque authorities across the country to follow the same procedure of Khatam Taraweeh during the holy month.

Muslims recite a specific part of the Holy Quran during Taraweeh prayers in almost all the mosques of the country but some mosques do not follow this, said the circular.

But Muslims who travel to different places cannot maintain continuity in the recitation of the Quran which creates dissatisfaction among them.

The foundation requested to recite the first nine parts of the Quran in the first six Ramadans with 1.5 paras every day and 21 paras (one para each day) from the seventh Ramadan to complete the whole Quran recitation within the night of Shab-e-Barat.

Mosque committees, Imams and others concerned were requested to follow the procedure of reciting the Quran during Ramadan, its recitation.