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Electricity price to be adjusted every month: Minister

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Published: 16:40, 27 January 2023  
Electricity price to be adjusted every month: Minister

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The electricity price will be adjusted every month keeping similarity with the energy prices in the global market, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid has said.

The gas price has already been adjusted in line with the world market price and the same will be done in the electricity price gradually, said the junior minister while inaugurating the National Science fair at Dhaka Residential Model College on Friday.

The country’s businessmen have sought the government's step for uninterrupted gas supply to their mills and factories and in response, the government has undertaken some plans in this regard, he said.

“We are planning to ensure uninterrupted gas supply from April. The gas, found in Bhola, will be added to the national grid within the next two months,” Hamid said.

Responding to a question about the possible power crisis during the Boro season, he said the government has fixed a schedule for operating shallow machines for boro irrigation.

is being managed from different sources and there will be no problems if the schedule is maintained, he said.

Earlier on January 18, the government increased around 179 percent gas prices in industrial, power and commercial sectors which will come into effect from February 1.

According to the latest rate, the price of gas used for power generation will increase from current Tk5.02 to Tk14 per cubic metre.

Besides, the price of gas for captive power plants will go up to Tk 30 from Tk 16 and for large industries, the price will increase to Tk 30 from Tk 11.98.

However, the gas prices for household consumers, CNG-run motor vehicles and tea estates have been kept unchanged.

The large, medium and small industries will pay Tk 30 per unit against the previous price of Tk 11.98 for large, Tk 11.78 for medium and Tk 10.78 for small, cottage and other industries.

The commercial users of gas like hotels and restaurants will pay Tk 30.50 instead of previous Tk 26.64 per unit.

The household consumers will continue to pay Tk 18 per unit for metered burners while Tk 990 for single burners and Tk 1,080 for double burners.