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29 September 2022

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Businesses taking chance to make hefty profits by selling eggs: Tipu Munshi

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Published: 14:12, 17 August 2022   Update: 14:33, 17 August 2022
Businesses taking chance to make hefty profits by selling eggs: Tipu Munshi

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The businesses are exploiting the situation which has resulted in an increased price hike of daily essentials, said Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi.  

If the situation does not improve, the government will import eggs to reduce the price, added the minister.

Tipu Munshi came up with the remarks on Wednesday while talking to reporters at a press conference at the commerce ministry in the capital.

The minister said the traders increased the commodity prices immediately after the recent fuel price hike.  

Citing an example of the price of rice to explain, Munshi said, “Due to the recent increase in fuel oil price, the price of rice should increase by Tk 0.5 paisa per kilogram. However, the price increased by Tk4 per kilogram”.

The commerce ministry is monitoring the market and it is expected the prices will be controlled by October. 

When asked about the unusual hike in the prices of eggs, the minister said, “If the import of eggs can slash the price, we can do that too”.

However, the minister did not mention anything about what decision would be taken against the unscrupulous traders.

Regarding the edible oil price, the commerce minister said, “No decision has been taken yet over fixing edible oil price. The decision will be taken later coordinating the global oil price and dollar price”.

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